Beef Lasagne


March 21, 2013 by marksetchfield

imageimageServes 6-8, prep time 45 minutes, cooking time 1 hour, 25 minutes

16 oz minced beef
2 medium onions
1 clove of garlic
1 beef stock cube
1 tbsp of Worcester sauce
3 tbsp tomato puree
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
1 tin cherry tomatoes
12 lasagna sheets
6oz mozzarella cheese
2 tsp mixed herbs

For the cheese sauce
3/4 pint of fresh milk
4 oz cheddar cheese
4 oz mozzarella
1 tbsp cornflour
A little water

Chef says: The cherry tomatoes add a sweet taste to the sauce, also add a few basil leaves once the dish is cooked. Also great for freezing, I often cook two dishes and freeze the second in small individual size portion, so I know my ready meals really do contain beef! Check out supermarkets for deals on pregrated bags of cheese, really lazy I know but sometimes it works out a lot cheaper.

Heat a little oil in a pan and add the mince and garlic stir until the meat starts to brown. Add the onions, crumble in the stock cube and keep stirring. Once the meat has browned and the onions soften pour in the chopped tomatoes, half a tin of the cherry tomatoes, a generous splash of Worcester sauce and half a teaspoon of mixed herbs. Leave to simmer for 20 minutes then stir in the tomato puree, cover and simmer for another 20 minutes. Meanwhile heat the milk and cheese in a pan, stirring continuously, the cheese will slowly start to melt into the milk. Mix the cornflour with a little water and add to the cheese sauce a little at a time until the sauce thickens. Remove from the heat and set to one side. Remove the mince from the heat, take a large oven proof dish and begin layering the ingredients. Add a layer of mince to the bottom of the tray, add a layer of cheese sauce, then the grated cheese. Sprinkle over some mixed herbs, add the lasagna sheets pushing each one down firmly. Repeat this until the dish is full to the top, alternate the direction of the sheets this helps the lasagna to cook evenly. On the last layer pour over the remainder of the tinned cherry tomatoes and even out, cover with cheese and mixed herbs and place in the oven for 45 minutes. The cheese topping will turn a crisp golden colour then the dish is cooked. Allow to cool slightly then sprinkle some fresh basil leaves, serve with some fresh warm bread and salad. Enjoy!


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