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August 19, 2015 by marksetchfield

1018924768The concept A calorie-controlled diet with frequent meals and snacks all delivered daily.

The experience I struggle to sleep and despite several attempts to fix this, nothing seems to work long term. I’ve been involved in a major project at work, and I found I slipped into the habit of skipping meals, which I read can have an impact on sleep patterns as well as my waistline. People had suggested I should see a dietitian and get some professional help, so I opted for the Live’ly diet.

My initial consultation would include measuring my height, weight and BMI. On arriving at the clinic on Al Wasl Road I was whisked off to the treatment room and removed my watch, belt, shoes and anything that could possibly add any extra weight.

I stepped on to the machine and as the screen bleeped and lights flashed I held on to the two sensors and waited with bated breath for the results. Then I it was off to meet the dietitian and, thankfully, the results were not too alarming. I was a little overweight, although all the other stats were normal, my muscle mass was high, which isn’t a bad thing, however, my overall body weight had to come down by 3kg.

I was asked what kind of exercise I did. I do go to the gym regularly but I had to admit not as much as I used to. I was also asked what my current diet was like, which was pretty good. I cook from scratch a lot so most of my meals are healthy and fresh, but I wasn’t eating at regular times, which isn’t healthy and was possibly making it difficult for me to relax and sleep well at night.

I was put on a 1,700-calorie diet, including regular snacks of fruits and snack bars and herbal teas.

I was sent a weekly gourmet menu, from which I chose breakfasts, snacks and main dishes. Some of the choices made me question whether they could really be part of a diet, like the honey and bread rolls and pancakes with jam. There are also pizzas and rich-tasting Arabic dishes. And with regular meals and controlled portion sizes I never felt hungry.

The menu

Breakfast Labneh with olives and Arabic bread

Morning snack Low-fat yogurt

Lunch Garden salad, sweet-and-sour chicken with rice, fruit pieces and a low fat yogurt

Afternoon snack A slice of tropical ginger cake

Dinner Mixed cabbage coleslaw with grilled vegetables, zesty herby sauce and multi-cereal bread

The result I didn’t go on the plan to lose weight; rather I saw it as a way to get used to a regular eating routine and get back to a controlled diet. That said, I lost 2kg in four weeks and my sleep pattern vastly improved. I was waking up feeling more alive and less stressed and sluggish from the lack of sleep, which made me perform more efficiently at work too.

Pros Fresh food delivered directly to my door complete with tea sachets, cutlery and napkins was so convenient. The varied menu was updated each week, so this diet didn’t become boring or repetitive.

Cons I wouldn’t normally eat so much yogurt, but that’s just down to my own personal taste and I’m sure Live’ly would adapt and take on this feedback if I was to give the diet another try.

Verdict There is so much food on the diet that the first few days were slightly overwhelming – it felt like I was constantly eating. I think the constant trips to the fridge were adding to my exercise regime though.

A week into the diet I was feeling more energetic and my sleep patterns had really improved. The volume of fruit and yogurt was hard to cope with and I did skip a few yogurt pots and gave away some of the fruit. I felt full enough without them.

It’s the diet that doesn’t feel like a diet! Plus it’s reliable and convenient and a good way to get a wannabe healthy eater with a busy schedule back on track.

Details Prices on the Live’ly diet plans vary. Visit or email

Live’ly website

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