TENERIFE: ‘My island paradise’

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August 23, 2015 by marksetchfield

DSC00927 tenerife1A soft drink sir, or would you prefer champagne? I turned to look at my brother Joshua and repeated the question, ‘were on holiday what do you think?’ He replied are we on holiday! After just over four hours from Gatwick we arrived at the gorgeous Anthelia hotel, on the Adeje coast in Tenerife.
As we made our way through the vast complex, turning corners, stepping into lifts we found it, ‘here we are I said our home for the next seven nights’,
I slid the room card and opened the door to our room,  my first reaction was this room looks too small for the two us, ‘no you fool, it’s just one part , it’s a suite’. My bother was quick to point out.DSC00915I flicked on the lights and yes it was in fact huge, my favourite part is the anticipation of opening the curtains for the first time and seeing the view.
I wasn’t disappointed it was amazing. ‘I’m too excited’ my brother said, it was his first trip abroad. We slid back the door and stepped out onto our private pool area.
The colours were amazing it really is blue just like the picture on the website.
Just off the African coast surrounded by the Atlantic waters the Canary Islands are the most exotic regions of Spain.
The islands were formed millions of years ago by the eruption of hundreds of volcanoes on the seabed; they are all now dormant I hasten to add. As a result Tenerife is well-known for its black sand, as part of the ongoing regeneration of the island you go along the coast you can see the odd man-made beach with picture postcard golden sand shipped in from the Sahara desert.
DSC00911‘Have you got the swipe card?’ I ask my brother it times to check this place out, armed with a hotel map off we went. My brother said we are going to get lost in this place it huge! ‘OK from my calculations the gym must be down here or so my map says,
‘What your going to work out on holiday?’ ‘Well with all these restaurants here what do you suggest?’ Actually you do have a point he sighed. ‘I can smell some gorgeous food, shall we have a look?’ Lets try this one, ‘Ola senior’ a very friendly waiter wailed, as he led us to our table.
We ordered some wine and then had a very lengthily stroll around the buffet, and hot food counter. A feast, grill fish, chicken, traditional Spanish, I’m in food heaven ‘this is why they have a gym here, I whispered to my brother Joshua. After dinner we walked up to the Anthelia main ballroom, I had seen posters advertising various shows, but these shows were actually in the hotel.
‘Ahh this takes me back’ as we pulled outs our seat at the front of the stage, what does Joshua said ‘It’s the Pointer Sister!’ as I sang along to Automatic. Well it wasn’t the real Pointer Sisters but they sounded good me. The evening passed very quick and after a few drinks and outfit changes from the Pointer Sisters we headed back to our room.

The next morning we went for a buffet breakfast, again too much to choose from but we did have a week to sample all the delights from fresh crepes to full-on fry-ups.
We decided to take a walk down in San Cristinos, I know I should have said no that extra pancake, so a stroll along the beach was a very good idea.
‘This place is so clean’ my brother said, I was just thinking the same thing, as the coastline curved round we were getting closer to the harbour.
Lining the beach you’ll find an endless string of shops, bars and restaurants. It’s hard to think of eating more food but the variety was amazing. Traditional Spanish, Italian and good old English Fish and chips.
We stopped at a few gift shops, selling much the same kind of stuff, T-Shirts, inflatables and electrical goods and locally produced ornaments, it’s not a shoppers paradise but there are a few bargains to be had.
We walked through the maze of shops and restaurants until we reached the main harbour area, so we stopped for refreshing drink, it was getting much hotter as the clouds cleared.
DSC00944You can book boats trips from the hotel, online or at the harbour itself, the catamaran (boat trip) leave three times a day, we opted to book an afternoon cruise, we were told that we are more likely to see dolphins and maybe even some bottle nose whales, with food drinks thrown in all afternoon.
The next day was our boat trip, we headed off to the coach and made our way to the harbour, ‘OK ladies and gents, blue tickets this way and white tickets follow’, we handed our tickets in and we stepped on the boat.
Greeted by the official photographer we posed for pictures then slowly moved out of the bay and into the open waters.
I moved very slowly over to the bar to grab some drinks most of which ended up on me. ‘Here we are ladies and gents hold on’ said Roger our onboard cameraman.
With-in ten minutes the coastline was just about visible and the engine stopped, ‘there is no need to panic’ Roger said ‘its all under control’ as he pointed out some very small grey fin-shaped silhouettes . ‘I’ve never seen this many’ he said, from the side of the boat there were no less than twenty dolphins. Such great creatures, they swam up to and around the boat, it was amazing.
I’ve nveer been so close to dolphins it was a magical experience, all captured on camera by Roger, and later for sale on DVD for just under £25!
DSC00929The engines kicked in and we were off only the to stop tow minutes later, ‘ladies and gents, bottle nose whales’ it was a rare sight. so many and so close to out boat.
We all took pictures and then carried on around the island, I pointed out the hotel to my brother. ‘yes thats how far out we are’. Moments later the captain dropped the anchor, its swin time. I didn’t take part, it looks too cold. We moored just off the coast, apparently opposite the nudist beach, not for me I said! After a fantastic day and being so close to ‘mother nature’ we headed back to the hotel and reflected on the days experiences.
Tenerife was not what I thought, it’s a beautiful island, great views, beaches and a very large now dormant volcano in the middle, we loved it!


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