Sweet Potato Based Omelette topped with Mozzarella Cheese


March 15, 2016 by marksetchfield

GMS_02_P1030780_CROP.jpgServes 4, prep time 10 minutes, cooking time 25 minutes

2 tbsp oil
1 large sweet potato thinly sliced
6 eggs
6 tbsp of milk
1 red onion sliced
1 garlic clove chopped
1 large bag of spinach

1 tsp mixed herbs
Wash and peel the sweet potato, using a mandolin cut into thin slices. Heat some oil over low heat in a pan and place the slices around the edge, overlapping slightly, repeat until the pan is covered. Add a drop of water; cover with a lid for 5 minutes. Beat the eggs and milk together, remove the lid and add two tablespoons around the edge of the pan, keep on the heat for 2 minutes until the egg hardens. Meanwhile, heat some oil in a pan and heat the onion and garlic and season. Add the spinach and a splash of water; stir until the spinach wilts. Place the spinach over the potato base and even out, pour over the remainder of the egg, top with cheese, herbs and put the pan on the grill over medium heat. When the cheese has melted, and the egg hardens remove from the heat; transfer to a serving plate drizzle over some olive oil, serve with some salad and bread.

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