Pesto, Courgette Cheese on Toast

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May 23, 2016 by marksetchfield

CHEESE_01Serves 2, prep time 10 minutes, grilling time 15-20 minutes

4 slices of fresh bread
4 tsp of red pesto
1 tsp of garlic salt
1 courgette spiralized
1 tbsp of green pesto
Handful of cheddar cheese
Handful of mozzarella
2 tsp mixed dried herbs
4 sliced sundried tomatoes
Grated parmesan and balsamoc gel to serve

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Preheat the grill, line a baking sheet with some baking parchment, arrange the four slices of bread on the tray and place under the grill. Meanwhile, prepare the courgette in the spiralizer, place on some kitchen towel to soak up the moisture. Turn over the bread and toast for about three minutes. Place the courgette in a mixing bowl; add the pesto and garlic salt and mix. Remove the toasted bread the oven and add a teaspoon of red pesto to each slice, then cheese and courgette until the toast look stacked. Top with sundried tomatoes and mixed herbs, season and return to the grill. When the cheese has melted and crisped up remove from the grill. Place on a cooling tray top with parmesan cheese, torn basil and balsamic gel, then serve.CHEESE_02GMS_THE_MENU_RETURN

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