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Food has always been an important part of my life. I grew up in a multicultural family in the UK learning to cook food just like Mum made. There was no such thing as junk food in my home – everything had to be done from scratch using home-grown or locally sourced ingredients. That meant the dishes we’d cook – from spicy curries to traditional roasts – were a labour of love. They’d sit sizzling in the oven or on the hob sometimes for hours, but they tasted so perfect it was worth all the effort.

I’ve never lost that passion for cooking, and even after becoming an art director on magazines, I still host dinner parties and spend every moment cooking my favourite dishes for my family and friends. Sharing a recipe is like sharing a best-kept secret, which is why I started Gas Mark Six. Working as a graphic designer has made the construction of this site even more of a passion, I write, cook, style and photograph all the pictures you see here, just snapped in my apartment. Over the years, I’ve worked with lots of chefs doing the food pages in magazines and picked up loads of cooking tips and ideas.

I’ve also travelled a lot and learning to make red curries in Thailand or local fish curries on a beach in Goa or being taught how to cook authentic Sri Lankan curries, give my versions a distinctly authentic taste. Now I live in Dubai – a melting pot of culture and recipes from around the world. One moment I can be eating the tastiest shawarma in Bur Dubai, the next I’m sitting down to an international brunch or eight-course dinner (yes, really!) at a Michelin-star Italian restaurant in a luxury hotel, or trying out delicious Indian delicacies handmade by my colleagues. My culinary repertoire – and ingredients cupboard – have grown considerably and I’m enjoying the foodie journey, which has taken me around the world. I hope you will enjoy it too! I would love you to share your food experiences with me – both good and bad! Just drop me a line at gasmarksix@yahoo.com or follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

Bon appetite!

Mark Anthony Maxwell Setchfield

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