Strawberry & Raspberry Pavlova

Strawberry & Raspberry Pavlova

Serves 6, prep time 20 minutes, cooking time 1 hour

4 large free-range egg whites, at room temperature
115g caster sugar
115g icing sugar
500ml of whipping cream
300g of fresh strawberries
300g of raspberries
2 squares of dark chocolate
(30cm square of baking parchment)

Icing sugar to dust
Heart-shape candy decorations
Dried edible flowers

Mint sprigs

Strawberry & Raspberry Pavlova

Preheat the oven to 100 degrees C. Separate the eggs and place in a metallic food processor mixing bowl, or handheld mixer, and whisk on medium speed until they are fluffy and form peaks.
Now turn the speed up and start to add the caster sugar, a tablespoon, leaving a few seconds in between each spoonful. Next, lower the speed and do the same with the icing sugar. The eggs should now look glossy and silky.
Line a baking sheet with baking parchment; using a dinner plate as a template draw a circle. Turn over the sheet and scoop spoonfuls of the mixture on the paper inside the line. Using the back of a spoon form a base, keep adding to the edges until the mixture forms a bowl. Using a chopstick swirl the mixture to combine, and form a solid edge. You can also use the same method to even out the inside.
Bake for 1 1/2 hours, and when the edges are crisp, turn off the heat and allow the meringue to cool in the oven.
Now prepare the filling: Whisk the cream until thick and place in the fridge. Wash and trim the strawberries, cut them into quarters, place in a bowl with the raspberries and a tablespoon of icing sugar.
Over a pan of water put the chocolate in a glass bowl and melt the chocolate squares. When the meringue is completely cool remove from the oven, place on a serving board, and using a spoon drizzle chocolate around the edge. Allow to set.
For the filling: layer in the cream, place berries on top, add the candy hearts and dust the top with icing sugar, add a sprig of fresh mint and serve.

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