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Mark Setchfield, GMS founder

Welcome to GMS, I’m a Dubai-based creative director, food stylist and content creator with a huge passion for cooking. Food has always been an essential part of my life and I grew up in a multicultural family in the UK learning to cook food just like Mum made.

There was no such thing as junk food in my home, everything was cooked from scratch using home-grown or locally sourced ingredients. This meant the dishes we’d cook – from spicy curries to traditional roast dinners – were a labour of love. They’d sit sizzling on the hob or in the oven, sometimes for hours, but they tasted so perfect it was worth all the effort.

My experience as a creative director has given me the unique opportunity to be involved in all aspects of creating food content. Armed with a variety of tricks, tools and clever techniques, it’s my job to make food look both beautiful and appetising.

As food photography has become a digital art, my role has developed with advancing technology, but my passion for food remains the same. From prepping, cooking, styling and recipe creation, my portfolio includes editorial and commercial projects, content for cookbooks, video and social media strategies.

Living and travelling across the Middle East and beyond has allowed me to experience exceptional dining experiences.

Dubai, where I currently call home, is a real melting pot of cultures and recipes from around the world. One moment I can be eating the tastiest shawarma in Bur Dubai, the next I’m at an international brunch or eight-course dinner (yes, really!) at a Michelin star Italian restaurant in a five-star hotel.

I also love hosting dinner parties and enjoy prepping and cooking my favourite dishes for my family and friends. Sharing my recipes is like divulging my best-kept secrets!

Living and travelling across the Middle East and beyond has allowed me to experience exceptional dining experiences. I’ve learnt to make red curries in Thailand, local fish curries on a beach in Goa and been taught how to cook traditional Sri Lankan curries, which give my versions a distinctly authentic taste.

My culinary repertoire – and cupboards packed with ingredients – have grown considerably and I’m enjoying the foodie journey, which has taken me around the world. I hope you’ll enjoy it too. I’d love you to share your food experiences with me – both good and bad! Just drop me a line at mam.setchfield@gmail.com or follow me on InstagramTwitter or Facebook.

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Bon appetite!

Mark Anthony Maxwell Setchfield

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