One-Pan Breakfast

IMG_5920 (1)-Recovered.jpgServes 2, prep time 15 minutes, cooking time 20 minutes

8 new potatoes
2 tbsp of vegetable oil
4 sausages
10 medium mushrooms
10 asparagus stalks
1 garlic clove
Salt & pepper
1 onion chopped
1 can of cherry tomatoes
A splash of chipotle Tabasco

3-4 eggs
Chopped chives to serve

Add the potatoes to boiling salted water, cook until soft, drain and set to one side. Heat the oil in a pan and brown the sausages, mushrooms and asparagus. Remove the sausages, mushrooms, and asparagus from the pan. Then fry the potatoes until crisp. In the same pan saute the onion and garlic, add the tomatoes, Tabasco season then turn down the heat to a simmer. Add the sausages, potatoes, mushrooms, and asparagus, cover and simmer for five minutes. Next, make wells in the sauce and break in the eggs, cover and cook until the eggs are set. Remove from the heat, top with chopped chives and serve.

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