Smoked Trout Rolled in Grilled Aubergine with Fresh Pesto on Toast

P1060795 copy.jpgMake 4, prep time 15 minutes, cooking time 10-15 minutes

1 aubergine sliced into four
3 tbsp of olive oil
4 slices of wholegrain bread
4 tbsp of fresh basil
1 smoked trout fillet
Lettuce leaves to serve
1 chopped spring onion
Torn basil leaves to serve

Heat some oil on a medium heat in a griddle pan. Slice the aubergine into four and place in the pan. Grill both sides on a medium heat for a few minutes. Once the slices are soft remove from the heat. Remove the excess oil from the pan and toast the bread on both sides. Lay the aubergine on a chopping board and add a layer of pesto, sprinkle over some of the spring onion. Flake the trout into a pile at one end of the aubergine and roll. Next, arrange the lettuce leaves and toast on a serving tray. Add a layer of pesto to each slice of toast and place the rolled aubergine in the centre. Top with the remainder of the spring onion, basil leaves and parmesan shavings and serve.

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